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Three Activities in Human Resource Management - 1509 Words

Three Activities in Human Resource Management Introduction With the process of globalization and internationalization, multinational firms develop rapidly. What is the multinational firm? It should be called multinational corporation (MNCs) which is more academic. An MNC is a company physically active in more than one country, like McDonald, Nestle, Ford etc. General speaking, Human Resource Management plays an essential role for an enterprise, especially for a multinational enterprise. What is Human Resource Management? Noe et al. (2006: 5) defined HRM that â€Å"HRM refers to the policies, practices and systems that influence employee behavior, attitudes and performance in order to support business goals and objectives† while Dowling†¦show more content†¦Therefore, in general, the majority of employees are HCNs while the senior managers are PCNs and TCNs in the earlier operation of a subsidiary. In the process of local development of subsidiaries, the system of operation become mature and HCNs become more familiar for companies’ policies, methods, technology and management etc. so it is necessary and brilliant to expand the space of promotions for HCNs in the late operation. That is to say, increasing the proportion of HCNs in the senior managers in the late operation can bring lots of benefits for company. For ex ample, it will cut down the cost efficiently and motivate the local staff to work harder significantly. The second HR activity is about compensation and benefits. Firstly, this HR activity for multinational firms involves different currencies and stability of currencies. With the fluctuation of exchange rates, a foreign currency may appreciate or depreciate, which bring more risk for multinational firms. Also, with the diversity of nations and cultures, the institution of compensation may vary from parent company to subsidiary. For example, different countries have different price levels, which lead to different wage levels. Lastly, according to three categories of employees, the compensation and benefits are different. Compensation is a key factor to increase satisfaction of staff and job performance. The main problem about compensation andShow MoreRelatedExamples of Ihrm and Domestic Hrm Essay841 Words   |  4 Pagesmultinational ventures stem from a lack of understanding of the essential differences in managing human resources in foreign environments (Desatnick Bennett 1978). The world has become more globalized, competitive, dynamic and uncertain than ever before. As more and more firms operate internationally, the search for the elements of global competitive advantage is a prominent theme in the management literature (Dickman Mà ¼ller-Camen, 2006: 580). There is a clear need to develop an understandingRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Risk Management1415 Words   |  6 PagesThe Human Resource Management/Risk Management Interface Like risk, human resources are pervasive in the business. Human resource management is most effective when integrated with decision making throughout the business. This leads to recognition that each production, financial, and marketing decision has a human component or influence. Which choice is made, how the decision is carried out, the follow-up and monitoring depend on people. Isolating management team and employee issues from productionRead MoreProject Management : Planning And Scheduling1039 Words   |  5 Pagesplanning and scheduling. There are three success criteria that apply to any project is time, requirement and cost. Time-Project needs to complete in fix time and budget. Here budget refers to cost. Project managers has to control on budget. if it’s limited. Project needs to meet their requirement. These success criteria can’t meet without planning. Human resource planning process should be organize, well –managed and can lead the project team. Human resource planning process shall identify andRead MoreProject Manament1078 Words   |  5 PagesPortfolio and Project Management | Copyright  © 2010, 2009, 2005 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course introduces students to the planning phase of project management. Students will discover the connection between strategic portfolio management and project management. Other topics include project-based versus non-project-based organizations, activity planning and sequencing, human resource planning, communicationsRead MoreHuman Resource Management: Health Care Organization1812 Words   |  7 PagesHuman resource management in a health care organization Introduction Managing human resources helps health care organizations to be effective. Human resource management (HRM) functions involve the recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation and development of the employees of an organization. Human resource management incorporates various functions. The primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees in the attainment of the goals and objectives ofRead MoreHuman Resource Planning : The Organization s Long Term Goals And Strategies Essay1082 Words   |  5 Pagesstrategies. Human Resource Planning (HRP) is the process of anticipating and making provision for the movement (flow) of people into, within, and out of an organization. Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) is the pattern of human resources deployments and activities that enable an organization to achieve its strategic goals. Strategy formulation provides input as to what is possible given the types and numbers of people available and strateg y implementation are the primary resource allocationRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Organizational Strategy752 Words   |  4 Pagesintelligence over experience in his employees. In modern society, human capital is the most dynamic resources for a company. How to attract excellent human resource and utilize their ability to reach organizational goal is something managers should think about. Strategic human resource management could explain the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy. The idea of strategic human resource (management) is a relatively new concept. It first introduced in early 1980’Read MoreProject Management1510 Words   |  7 Pagesconstruction activities by the end of the fifth month * Cleaning up the construction infrastructure and finishing and painting the flyover by the end of five months and two weeks * Opening the flyover for a trial in the third week of the sixth month and gathering feedback * Placing traffic signs—entry and exit—in the fourth week of the sixth month * Completions of all activities involved in this project should take no ,more than six months You have to acquire resources for the projectRead MoreMcdonalds Organizing Function of Management1549 Words   |  7 PagesMcDonald’s Organizing Function of Management Billie Holloway Jack Geer July 19, 2010 Organizing Function of Management This paper shows how McDonald’s like any other organization must use the organizing function of management to have a successful business. Management must always take action. It is important for management to organize and coordinate activities that relate to the establishments policies. Over the years management has developed from creating charts to identify business functions,Read MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management1398 Words   |  6 Pages Human Resource Management Overview Tanya Phillips Dr. Andrea Scott, PhD HSA 320, Strayer University October 31, 2016 Human Resources Management Overview Human resources (HR) is the different kinds of clinical and nonclinical responsibilities for public and individual health involvement. The benefits and performance the system can deliver depends upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of those responsible for providing health services. Human resource managers don’t directly

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Level 3 diploma in health and social care unit 80 - 878 Words

Unit 80 Outcome 1 1.1 Understand the legislative framework for the use of medication in social care settings. 1. Identify legislation that governs the use of medication in social care settings. The Medicines Act 1968 The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (and later amendments) The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973 (and later amendments) The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), COSHH The Mental Capacity Act (2005) The Access to health records Act (1990), The Data Protection Act (1998) plus equality legislation. 1.2 Outline the legal classification system for medication. The classification of medicines are all related to the medicines act 1968, while working with medication it is good to have an understanding and working†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ Painkillers †¢ Antidepressants †¢ Antibiotics †¢ Antipsychotic †¢ Aspirin †¢ Diabetes Medications †¢ Beta-blockers †¢ Laxatives 2.2 List conditions for which each type of medication may be prescribed? Painkillers: Painkillers are medicines that are used to treat pain. There are a large number of painkillers available and they all come in various different brand names. They can be taken by: mouth as liquids, tablets, or capsules, by injection, or via the rectum (back passage) - for example, suppositories. Some painkillers are also available as a creams or an ointment. Antidepressants: Antidepressants are a type of medication used to treat depression or prevent it recurring. They can also be used to treat a number of other conditions, including: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Antidepressants are also sometimes used to treat people with long-term (chronic) pain. Antipsychotic: Antipsychotics (also known as neuroleptics or major tranquilizers) are a class of psychiatric medication primarily use to manage psychosis (including delusions, hallucinations, or disordered thought), in particular in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and are increasingly being used in the management of non-psychotic disorders. Aspirin: Aspirin also known as acetylsalicylic acid is a salicylate drug, often used as an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains, as an antipyretic to reduce fever, and as anShow MoreRelatedLeadership for Health and Social Care and Children65584 Words   |  263 PagesQUALIFICATION HANDBOOK Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (3978-51/52/53/54/55/56) December 2011 Version 2.1 (July 2011) Qualification at a glance Subject area City Guilds number Age group approved Entry requirements Assessment Fast track Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) 3978 19+ There are no entry requirements Portfolio of Evidence, PracticalRead MoreChildcare: Education and Subject Code Essay43120 Words   |  173 PagesAscentis Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Subject Code: 501/1289/2 Ascentis Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning Subject Code: 501/1706/3 Level 2 Certificate in Cover Supervision Subject Code: 501/1718/X Ascentis Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning Subject Code: 501/1719/1 Level 3 Award/Certificate/Diploma Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and LearningRead More‚Äà ºa Contemporary View on Health Care System in Bangladesh.‚Äà ¹14806 Words   |  60 PagesCHAPTER - 1 Introduction 1.0 origin and background of the report The report ‘‘A Contemporary view on Health Care System in Bangladesh’’ is the outcome of Internship Program which is a precondition for acquiring MBA Degree. Only curriculum activities are not enough for handling the real business environment, so it is necessary to get the better knowledge about the real scenario. The report is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA Degree. Conduction of Internship/ DissertationRead MoreUnderstand Principles of Professional Development Essay5962 Words   |  24 Pages ©HSC DIPLOMA HELP 2012 Unit 502: Promote Professional Development Unit code: SHC 52 Unit summary The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote the professional duty to maintain the currency of knowledge and skills and the need to continually reflect on and improve practice. 1. Understand principles of professional development 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice An important principle of CPDRead MoreA Short Note On Gentlemen s Grooming : Business Plan4314 Words   |  18 Pagesawareness within 6 months via promotions and social media sites. 2. Increase number of clients serviced by 25% per year via word of mouth. 3. Have a profit of $1000 per week within the first 12 months. Long term 1. Launch and maintain an appointment based phone app within the first 2 years. 2. Build brand name recognition within the community via volunteer outreach projects and events. Include – supporting annual high-profile charity events, first 5 years. 3. Open an interstate franchise within 8 yearsRead MoreHealth Care Management13705 Words   |  55 PagesATHE Level 7 Qualifications in Healthcare Management ATHE Level 7 Award in Programme Leadership (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Award in Sustainable Business Strategy (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Manage Continuous Organisation Improvement (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Research for Senior Managers (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Certificate in Healthcare Management (QCF) ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management (QCF) Read MoreX Y Gentlemen s Grooming4986 Words   |  20 Pagesretail district will be a one stop shop for all modern day males essential grooming needs – with services targeting men’s personal appearance such as: Hair care (barber cuts, shaving, and styling), Nail care (manicure and pedicures), Skincare (facials and advanced facial treatments), Hair removal (waxing and IPL); to services targeting inner health such as: Nutrition Consultations (dietary and supplement advice) and Massage Treatments (stress relief and wellbeing), incorp orating essential oils to allRead MoreDeveloping New And Innovative Programs For Educators1217 Words   |  5 Pages21st century skills into easily digestible units and spelled exactly the need for teaching these to students. For example, one of the pillars of the P21 guidelines was the idea of Civic Literacy. As a future Social Studies educators, I think it’s incredibly important that all students are instilled with a certain degree of understanding about our countries democratic process. However, P21 also makes sure to touch on important areas such as global and health literacy. Part 2 1. http://www.edutopiaRead MoreDropping Out Of High School3487 Words   |  14 Pagesdropping out of high school early is a serious problem for both students and society. Several reviews and empirical evidence have disclosed and shown that there is no simple cause of early school leaving, but it seems to relate to demographic variables, social factors, academic achievement, and school factors. The purpose of this study is to address the key predictors that causes young people to leave high school early without completing their education in Dallas, Texas. A phenomenological approach usingRead MoreFalls in the South Western Region of Australia: A Primary Healthcare Report2894 Words   |  12 Pagesinjuries. The falls are coded as E880-E888 in the international classification of disease-9 (ICD-9), and W00-W19 that constitutes a broad variety of falls including falls on the same level, upper level, and other random falls. For a definition, falls are the inadvertently coming to repose o n the ground, floor, or other levels excluding the purposeful change in a position to relax in furniture, wall, or the ground itself (WHO, 2007). The frequency of falls increases with the increase in age. Old people

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller - 964 Words

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, hysteria breaks out in Salem when young girls begin pronouncing accusations of witchcraft. One of the accused, Elizabeth Proctor and her husband, John Proctor, live on a farm where he provides and cares for their family. When Elizabeth becomes sick John is unfaithful and has an affair with one of the accusers, Abigail Williams. Through the course of the story, John Proctor moves from denial and deflection of his actions and their consequences in order to maintain his public dignity, to public confession and condemnation for his actions in order to soothe his conscience and maintain his internal sense of integrity. This progression is illustrated by his interactions with his wife, their accusers and the court, who ultimately condemns them. In the beginning of The Crucible when John Proctor cheats on his wife, Elizabeth, John expresses a lack of willingness to accept the consequences and to be accountable. â€Å"‘Abby, I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Abby.’ ‘Aye, but we did.’ ‘Aye, but we did not.’† (Page 15) When John is confronted by Abigail, he refuses to acknowledge his actions. In the face of her direct accusation, John denies the extent of their relationship. This highlights his unwillingness to be held accountable for his actions at the beginning of the story. â€Å"‘You will not judge me more, Elizabeth. I have good reason toShow MoreRelatedThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1269 Words   |  6 PagesAt first glance, the playwright Arthur Miller in The Crucible highlights the historical significance of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, but in fact it is an allegorical expression of his perception of McCarthyism. If the reader has some background information on Arthur Miller’s victimization as a communist, it is evident that the play is a didactic v essel illustrating the flaws of the court system in the 1950’s. The communist allegations were launched at government employees, entertainers and writersRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1681 Words   |  7 Pagesof their way to the last dying breath to make sure they leave with a good or bad reputation. In one of the recent literature study in class â€Å"The Crucible† by Arthur Miller, Miller uses characterization to illustrate reputation throughout the play. â€Å"The Crucible† takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. It is based upon the Salem witch trails. In â€Å"The Crucible†, we journey through the life of three characters who reputations plays a major role in the play. The three characters are John Proctor, AbigailRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1333 Words   |  6 PagesAs the various characters in The Crucible by Arthur Miller interact, the dominant theme of the consequences of women’s nonconformity begins to slide out from beh ind the curtains of the play. Such a theme reveals the gripping fear that inundated the Puritans during the seventeenth century. This fear led to the famous witch-hunts that primarily terrorized women who deviated from the Puritan vision of absolute obedience and orthodoxy. Arthur Miller presents his interpretation of the suffering by subtlyRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller998 Words   |  4 Pagesmotivated by jealousy and spite. The Crucible is a four-act dramatic play production that was first performed on January 22, 1953. Arthur Miller used dialogue within the characters to cover the multiple themes; conflicts and resolutions, plus the few directions for the different actions of the play. The Salem Witch Trials were intended to be performed as the play however, when read, it can be more carefully examined and broken down to analyze the techniques. Miller, the playwright, uses literaryRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1145 Words   |  5 PagesUnbalance Through The Centuries In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, the author reflects the persecution of communists in America in the 1950’s through a recount of the Salem witch trials. It is often presumed that Miller based his drama directly off of events that were particularly prevalent in the years surrounding the publication of The Crucible- which was released in the year 1953, towards the conclusion of the Korean War. Although there was not a literal witch hunt occurring during this timeRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1063 Words   |  5 PagesIn the English dictionary, there are three definitions of the word crucible. One is a metal container in which metals are mixed and melted. Another is a severe test. But the third definition, and the one that I think fits the best for this book, is a place or situation in which different elements interact to create something new. In my mind, this fits because all of the characters had their little grudges and dirty secrets. But when all th ose seemingly little things interact, they formed somethingRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1285 Words   |  6 Pages Rationale, Morality, Stereotypes, Pressure, Self-Censorship, Unanimity, and Mindguards. Groupthink has also taken place in our history a a country. The play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller is about a the real-life Salem Witch Trials that happened in 1692 - 1693, in Salem, Massachusetts. Some symptoms of Groupthink found in the Crucible are Rationale, Pressure, and Self-Censorship. The Groupthink symptom, Rationale, is described as when victims of Groupthink ignore warnings: they also collectivelyRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller811 Words   |  4 Pages While The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is only a four act play, it still resembles the format of a five act play. The five-act structure evolved from a three-act structure, which was made famous by Roman Aelius Donatus. Donatus came up with three types of plays: Protasis, Epitasis, and Catastrophe. The five-act structure helped to expand the three act structure, mainly made famous by Shakespeare through his many tragedies. Even though The Crucible contains only four acts, it still has the commonRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1052 Words   |  5 PagesBuddy Al-Aydi Ms.Healy English 9 CP 14th October 2014 The Crucible Essay The Crucible was a novel written by Arthur Miller in the 1950’s. It was written in a format of the play, portraying an allegory of the Salem Witch-Hunts led by Senator Joseph McCarthy. The book is known to have a inexplicable plot. This plot is advanced by multiple characters in the book in order to ensure that the reader maintains interest with the material that is being read. The farmer, John Proctor, would be theRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller841 Words   |  4 PagesThe Crucible is a chaotic play, throughout this American classic Arthur Miller takes the reader through multiple events of terror and insanity. While creating a great on-stage play, Arthur Miller portrays his life through the events, the characters, and plot of The Crucible. Using vivid imagery and comprehensible symbolism, Miller manipulates the real personalities of the characters and events in 1600 Salem, Massachusetts to create a symbolic autobiography. Throughout this play, the reader experie nces

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Healthcare Reform And The Affordable Care Act - 1047 Words

Healthcare reform was designed to help people of middle class to below poverty status afford healthcare insurance, in addition to providing quality care for everyone. When the â€Å"Affordable Care Act† rolled out, there were a lot of concerns in regards to the cost and mandating that everyone acquire insurance. The objective was to provide access to low cost insurance; unfortunately, some people remained uninsured, as a matter of fact they were unable to afford health insurance due to the amount of wages they earned. Per an article in Medical Mutual (2017), the goals of the â€Å"Affordable Care Act† is to â€Å"provide universal access to healthcare for Americans, Control the rising costs of healthcare, Regulate the private insurance industry through†¦show more content†¦This group of people come together collectively to discuss and create the laws that should be set forth to govern the United States. The final branch of government is the Judicial part, which consist of the Supreme Court and 9 justices. The purpose for the Supreme Court is to interpret the law of the constitution and the justices preside over cases pertaining to the constitution (Trumanlibrary, 2017). All three branches help to develop and uphold laws and guidelines impact healthcare policies. In addition to the three branches of government, others also participate in creating policies and guidelines, such as the Professional Associations and Ethic groups, they provide influences when it comes to creating and passing laws (Trumanlibrary, 2017). Healthcare is essential to the nature of our well- being, it provides some financial relief to individuals or families during doctor or hospital visits. Medical care is very expensive, and without health insurance it can be even more of a financial burden. However, being able to afford health insurance has been a challenge for a lot of family’s. For some, they must choose whether to feed their families, pay utility bills or make monthly health insurance payments; so, they allow the insurance to laps. TheShow MoreRelatedHealthcare Reform And The Affordable Care Act958 Words   |  4 Pagesyears the healthcare industry has taken some precautions due to the recent bill passed that affect it, that being the healthcare reform or the Affordable Care Act (Kavilanz, 2010). In the past years healthcare has not been a concern of the average American, but this is changing rapidly. Though in 2014 healthcare was not among the top three concerns it did fall at number four (Cook, 2015). Whi le at number four on the list last year it’s surely to increase in concern as the healthcare act becomes inRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act For Reform The Healthcare System958 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Obama created The Affordable Care Act to reform the Healthcare system (Ross). The Senate informed the citizens of the United States that the Act passed on December 24, 2009, then passed in the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010. It was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010 and upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28, 2012. Before the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans could not afford to have health insurance, or the coverage was not available due to pre-existingRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act Is The Us Healthcare Reform Law1389 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Obamacare? The affordable Care Act is the US healthcare reform law. The law makes healthcare and health insurance more affordable and move available to more Americans the official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 210, but is mostly referred to as Obamacare. This law was signed on March 23, 2010. Originally the ACA was enacted to increase the quality and affordable of health insurance, lower the uninsured rate by expanding public and private insurance coverage, andRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act Is The Us Healthcare Reform Law1393 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Obamacare? The affordable Care Act is the US healthcare reform law. The law makes health care and health insurance more affordable and move available to more Americans the official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 210, but is mostly referred to as Obamacare. This law was signed on March 23, 2010. Originally the ACA was enacted to increase the quality and affordable of health insurance, lower the uninsured rate by expanding public and private insurance coverage, andRead MoreHealthcare Reform By Signing The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )1857 Words   |  8 PagesIn 2008, Obama accomplished the goal of healthcare reform by signing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA aims to control healthcare costs and give Americans accessibility to health insurance. One method to accomplish this is Title IX, Sec 9001 of the ACA, known officially as â€Å"Excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage†, which implements a tax on overly generous health plans. This part of the ACA remains one of many issues that has drawn ire from both Democrats and Republicans.Read MoreHealthcare Reform - Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act2683 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction: The U.S government spends about 17% of GDP on healthcare industry which is enormously high as compared to any other industrialized nation. President Obama signed the comprehensive healthcare reform – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010. The law worked on the principles of triple aim to reduce healthcare cost, improve quality and access for the U.S citizens. One of the fundamental component of Affordable Care Act that will affect the caregiving to the U.S citizens isRead MoreHealthcare Reform: The Patient Protection and The Affordable Care Act of 2010558 Words   |  2 PagesHealthcare reform has become an important issue with many Americans since the passage of the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act in 2010. It took years of fighting and refining the bill before it became law, and it represents the lasting legacy of the Obama administration. The Act will allow millions of Americans who were previously uninsured to gain coverage through ex panded Medicaid and Medicare programs or through federal or state insurance exchanges. Although the idea of providingRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act Is Surrounded By Numerous Political Circumstances1441 Words   |  6 PagesThe Affordable Care Act is surrounded by numerous political circumstances. The Affordable Care Act has been called by many names such as Obama Care or healthcare overhaul. The healthcare overhaul is one of the rare policies that has been developed, but not tweaked to perfection; it may never be tweaked to satisfy everyone, but it could still improve. According to the article entitled â€Å"The Science of Muddling Through† by Charles Lindblom â€Å"Policy is not made once and for all; it is made and re-madeRead MoreObamacare : The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act ( Ppaca )1237 Words   |  5 PagesObamaCare, officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) but sometimes also referred to as the Affordable Care Act (AC A) for short, reforms the health insurance industry and the American health care system as a whole. The law brings forth many changes for the American families that make healthcare more affordable and accessible. The law focuses on four aspects of improvements in healthcare for Americans: affordable insurance for individuals and small business owners, endsRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act ( Aca )956 Words   |  4 PagesAbsract++++++++++++++++++++++++++= The Affordable Care Act (ACA) (also known as â€Å"Obamacare†) is an historic piece of legislation that has had massive effect on healthcare in the United States. Its systemic effects on healthcare in this country are numberous, from insurance to ambulatory care, from healthcare related taxes to healthcare resources, and beyond. That said, the following research paper attempts to summarize how this massive piece of legislation has effected healthcare in the United States, to date;

Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder - 1700 Words

Introduction Bipolar disorders, also known as manic depression, are mental disorders characterized by shifting moods between depression and mania (Bressert, 2016). Those with a bipolar disorder, have extreme emotional states called mood periods. In the United States, more than 10 million people have bipolar disorder (Kennedy, 2015). It is lifelong, but can be treated. Although it can easily be treated, once patients choose to stop taking their medication their symptoms worsen. Around 15 percent of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder commit suicide (Mondimore, 2014). People with bipolar disorder will begin to feel like they are losing control of themselves because of their extreme behaviors and emotions. This can make it hard for†¦show more content†¦The hypomania must last at least four days and the major depressive episodes are required to last two weeks in order to meet the typical qualifications of having bipolar II disorder (Flink Kraynak, 2016). Individuals with bip olar II will usually undergo long durations of depression that can be more draining than the episodes experienced in bipolar I. Compared to bipolar I, bipolar II is more genetically complex, harder to treat, and more common (Mondimore, 2014). When a patient has multiple hypomania episodes and depressive symptoms, but are less intense than a major depressive or manic episode, they have cyclothymic disorder. These symptoms must last two years without long periods of stability to follow the cyclothymic disorder description (Flink Kraynak, 2016). This disorder affects less than 1% of people in the United States. Many with cyclothymic disorder may progress to bipolar I or II (Kennedy, 2015). Symptoms Symptoms of bipolar disorders vary for patients. Overall, individuals with bipolar disorder have periods of unusual behaviors, intense emotions, and irregular sleep patterns (NIH, 2016). People with bipolar disorder will go through mood episodes: mania, hypomania, depression, and mixed episodes. In a manic episode, some will feel very energized and excited. To others, they will seem hyper. This can be dangerous because those who have manic episodes sleep very little, make impulse decisions, and can become aggressive towards those who questionShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder706 Words   |  3 PagesBipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is characterized by changes in mood. It can lead to risky behavior, damage relationships and careers, and even suicidal outcomes if it’s not treated. Bipolar disorder is more common in older teenagers and young adults, it can affect children as young as 6. Women experience more periods of depression than men. More remains to be learned about this condition that affects millions of people. Aretaeus of Cappadocia began the process of detailingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1454 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the greatly investigated neurological disorders is Bipolar Disorder. Regrettably, due to social stigma, funding issues, and a lack of education, many who are dealing with this disorder do not receive adequate treatment. Bipolar disorder, is also known as manic-depressive illness, it is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and the ability to carry out normal daily tasks. Symptoms of the disorder are severe and diverse from the normal ups and downs that everyone goesRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1486 Words   |  6 Pagespeople may think that having bipolar disorder means that anyone with the disorder are just simply put, â€Å"crazy†, I was one of those people but the meanings of those two things couldn’t possibly be any more different. Bipolar disorder is defined as â€Å"A disorder ass ociated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.†(google.com) â€Å"Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness with recurring episodes of mania and depression†(nami.org). â€Å"The term â€Å"bipolar† — which means â€Å"two poles† signifyingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1020 Words   |  5 PagesBipolar disorder, formally known as ‘manic depression’, is known for its extreme mood swings; these can last anything from weeks to months and are far more extreme than moods most people would experience. Mood swings include episodes of highs and lows; these are known as mania and depressive episodes. Bipolar is a disorder that affects men and woman equally and affects around 1 in 100 adults. Symptoms usually start during or after adolescents and rarely start after the age of 40 (Royal CollegeRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1648 Words   |  7 PagesBisecting Bipolar Disorde r Introduction and Background Overview 3.9% of adults in the United States are suffering from bipolar disorder as of 2014 according to the National Institute of Mental Health (Jann, 2014). Although rare, it is still a prevalent disease in the realm of mental health and requires special attention from healthcare providers. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition described by repeated manic or depressive episodes. Furthermore, due to the extreme mood swings and emotionalRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1278 Words   |  6 Pages1 HelenKeller541 Physiology October 26, 2016 Abstract: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder; also referred to as manic depressive disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V, 2013). Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder with manic episodes, it is placed between the chapters on schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders in recognition of their place as a bridge between the two diagnostics in terms of symptomology, family historyRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay1384 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar disorder is simply defined as a manic depressive illness, which affects a persons mood and energy. However, the way it affects a person’s mood is dramatic and severe. These are severe moods are called episodes of mania and depression, which means a person who suffers from bipolar disorder might be extremely excited and happy one day, and extremely depressed the next day. In some cases, depressive or manic episodes last weeks, and in some cases these episodes last days. People who suffer fromRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1493 Words   |  6 PagesRorman Ms. Chrisman English 10 30 November 2016 Bipolar Disorder If people don’t get enough sleep and miss a meeting, they are just upset, but for people with bipolar disorder, it can trigger another episode to their week. Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that can cause shifts in people s mood that are more unusual. Signs and symptoms can be different depending on if the person has manic or depressive episodes. A person with the disorder can also give their family and friends struggles, asideRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1390 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch of bipolar disorder will not only describe in detail the symptoms and affects of this mood disorder, but it will also include the advantages, disadvantages of the treatment and medications, and the major role that medications take. Bipolar disorder involves periods of elevated or irritable mood (mania), alternating with episodes of depression (Moore and Jefferson, 2004). The â€Å"mood swings† of mania and depression are very sudden and can happen at anytime any place. Bipolar disorder is categorizedRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1285 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar Disorder This paper will contain information on what bipolar disorder in early and late adolescence is, causes and symptoms, medical along with therapeutic interventions and how important it really is to get treatment. Bipolar disorder is a disease that affects approximately 2.6% Americans in the United States in a given year. There is limited data on the rate of bipolar in adolescents, although, it does tend to affect older teens more often and may be related to substance abuse. A lot

Jewasian free essay sample

Youre my favorite Jewasian! Ever tried eating matzah with chopsticks? Hahahah nice hat girl! These are all comments under one of my Myspace pictures. It is a picture of me a couple years ago, a fifteen year old Asian girl smiling sweetly wearing a pink yarmulke. No, Im not making a mockery of the Jewish faith; it is actually a personalized yarmulke from my Bat Mitzvah. I use the word Jewasian to try and describe myself, but I have heard variations like Jasian, Caujasian, Jewacish and more. In reality, theres a reason why theres not one labeling word for me. Its because theres not a large number of Korean girls, with Caucasian parents, who are also Jewish, just like me. My diverse background, that has sometimes made me feel uncomfortable, has shaped me to be the unique individual I am today, and it all started with my adoption. About four months after entering the world on July 27, 1991 in Inchon City, Korea, I arrived into the arms of my adoptive parents. My childhood was not out of the ordinary. It was just like most others living the middle class suburban life, but as I grew up I realized that there was more setting us all apart. Even though Ive lived a comfortable life, because of my background, I see the world differently. My biological parents had to stop their schooling after middle school to work in a sewing factory to survive. Unlike some of my peers who are sadly stuck in the suburban bubble, my roots are proof that other people would give anything, even their parenthood, so their children could have these opportunities. Thats why I appreciate the schools Ive attended, and although essays and huge tests can be stressful, Im lucky to even be able to experience it. Im glad Ive fully grasped that now. Its put a hunger inside me, a flame under me, urging me to reach my full potential. I know Ive been given this miraculous chance to be whatever I want, and wasting it is not an option. As if being Asian with two Caucasian parents isnt enough, I grew up in a Jewish household as well, adding another uncommon dimension to my identity. I attended preschool and then Hebrew school at my synagogue so the kids I grew up with werent fazed by my ethnicity, but once an outsider entered our classroom, the awkward stare was back. One night at Hebrew school a new girl entered and her first words were, OH MY GOD IS THAT AN ASIAN?! She said it with such surprise and a twinge of disgust, as if I didnt belong there as much as she did. Every Friday night our class had a Junior Congregation, but because of that girl, the following Friday night was different. The entire week I practiced all the prayers, the movements, the refrains, and different variations over and over again, until I no longer needed the support of the Siddur. Friday came and I volunteered to lead most every prayer, singing them by heart, glancing at the obnoxious girl struggling to follow along. I showed her that being Asian had nothing to do with being Jewish also. After that, there were no more Asian comments coming out of her mouth; ironically, there were onl y requests for me to teach her the prayers. I used to be uncomfortable with myself, with all my identities clashing together. But now, Ive learned to love the cultural explosion I call myself. Now I enjoy the shocked and confused faces when I explain my mixture of backgrounds because its a chance to teach them the different aspects of my life. I am open to others, willing to accept, and I can adapt to different surroundings. The comments from my friends under my Myspace photo embracing my diversity, using my word Jewasian proves that people can learn to accept without the cookie cutter American girl. Ive already accepted my diversity within myself and my roots, and now Im ready to teach what being Jewasian means to anyone and everyone who is willing to learn.

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Determinants of Health Equity-Samples for Students -Myassignment

Questions: 1.Examine what determined Gretas Current Health Condition? 2.Explain how those medications improve Gretas current health situation and how they will help to reduce future health issues. 3.Why is Greta potentially vulnerable to elder abuse? Answers: Introduction Determinants of health are the social and economic factors that influence the health status of an individual. These factors might be promoting health or leading to deterioration of health, depending on the case (Marmot and Allen 2014). The present paper highlights the determinants of health pertaining to the case study of Greta Balodis, a 75 year old widow who has currently suffered cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and has been discharged home after treatment at a health care unit. The first section of the paper highlights how observation and communication skills would be used for assessing the patients activities of daily living, and the services that can be helpful in managing her condition. The second section of the paper would discuss the determinants of health contributing to the cerebrovascular accident, or stroke suffered by the patient. Thereafter, the pathophysiology behind the health conditions that the medications given to Greta targets is highlighted along with the way the medications work. The following section addresses why Greta is at risk of elder abuse. Lastly, the responsibilities of a nurse towards Greta are brought into focus. The paper ends with a summary of the complete discussion. Assessment for Daily Activities of Living and services that would be required Activities of daily living (ADLs) are the series of fundamental daily activities carried out by individuals for independent living in the community or at home. Measurement of the ability of an individual to carry out the ADLs is crucial for determining the degree of assistance needed by the client, and it is also important a metric for a range of programs and services required for providing assistance (Tabloski 2013). As a nurse visiting Greta for the first time at her home, it is essential to gain objective and subjective data about her ability to carry out ADLs. A combined interview and observation approach would be beneficial in here. The patient is to be asked about the difficulty with the functional tasks. The patients general appearance is to be observed as it reflects the ability of the patient to perform an essential activities like dressing, bathing, feeding. The patients strength, spinal flexion, coordination, manual dexterity and balance are to be evaluated. Greta can be a sked to demonstrate the body motions that are involved in performing the tasks. The patient is to be observed ambulating. Determination of how much assistance the patient needs for performing the activities safely is also necessary. Changes in self-care skills and behaviour are also important. A strong bond is to be created with the patient so as to foster effective communication with her. Respect and empathy are to be shown so that Greta can trust the nurse and share her concerns (Dunlay et al. 2015). For the interview, a suitable assessment tool is to be utilised, such as the Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living. According to Arik et al. (2015), the tool has wide utility in the evaluation of the functional status of the elderly population. It is known to be a flag that signals functional capabilities of older patients in home environments. Greta would be requiring support from services that would help her in managing herself safely at home. It would be advisabl e that Greta seeks help from a home care service provider that assists with planned care plan encompassing bathing and dressing assistance, meal preparation, diet monitoring, medication reminders, joyful companionship, and light housekeeping (Eliopoulos 2013). 1.Determinants of health Conditions under which individuals live, work and spend leisure time affect a diverse range of health outcomes and risks. These conditions come to be known as the determinants of health (Pacquiaon 2016). In the present case, Greta has suffered a cerebrovascular accident, commonly known as stroke. It is likely that social support as a determinant of health has contributed significantly to her condition. Social support is the actuality that an individual is provided care and assistance from a social network. The support can be in the form of tangible, emotional, informational and companionship (Northcott et al. 2016). According to Simning et al. (2016), an individual devoid of social support has increased chances of suffering a cardiovascular complication. Greta has been living alone at a considerable old age of 75 years. The main reason for her to suffer a stroke is stress, a result of leading a life in isolation. Solitude can be a reason for high blood pressure and subsequently poor cardiovascular health. In times of stress, emotional support from a near one helps in the reduction of psychological distress, and can function as a coping strategy. Absence of social support leads to a number of conditions including stroke. 2.Pathophysiology of disease and how medications improve Gretas condition Greta has been discharged home with prescribed medicines after she had suffered a cerebrovascular accident. The medicines include Aspirin PO 100mg daily, Clopidogrel PO 75mg daily, Digoxin 125mcg PO daily. Cerebrovascular accident, or stroke, is the condition wherein there is a sudden interruption of blood supply to the brain that precipitates neurologic dysfunction for more than 24 hours. There are two major forms of stroke; ischemic when there is a blockage or blood clot-reducing the blood flow, and hemorrhagic, when bleeding in the brain is responsible for triggering a response restricting blood supply in any other part of the body (Rao et al. 2016). Greta is presented with high chances of suffering cerebrovascular accident again. The purpose of the medication is to prevent her conditioning from worsening. Aspirin is the medication used for preventing a heart attack by interfering with the clotting action of the blood. Blood clotting can take place within the blood vessels, thereb y narrowing the vessels and blocking the artery, ultimately leading to prevention of blood flow and heart attack. Aspirin is used for reducing the clumping action of platelets, the blood clotting cells. Clopidogrel is the medication used in case of patients who have already suffered a stroke. The medicine is a platelet aggregation inhibitor and slows down the sticking of platelets to blood vessel walls. Digoxin is used for maintaining strong heart beat and regular heart rhythm (Lilley, Collins and Snyder 2014). 3.Why Greta is vulnerable to elder abuse Coming to the psychosocial factors that put Greta at increased risk of poor well-being, it can be noted that Greta is at high risk of suffering elder abuse. Elder abuse refers to the act of abusing or harming or attempting to harm an older individual. In families where there are incidents of substance abuse, violence, and where the individuals face psychosocial imbalance, the adult members are placed at high risk for suffering abuse. The relationship between the family members serves as a crucial point for determining the extent of healthy behaviour with the elderly member. Abuse is also profound in cases where the individual is found to be cut off from the outside world, leaving little or no scope for reporting the abuse. For patients with disability or poor health status, the chances of suffering abuse are also more (Lachs and Pillemer 2015). Coming to the present scenario, Greta is at high risk of suffering abuse due to a number of factors. Firstly, her family suffers from psychos ocial and psychological complexities. The relation between the family members might not be stable and positive. In addition, the relationship between her daughter and her son-in-law is not good, and this increases the chances of a poor impact on Greta. The most significant risk factor for abuse is the drug and alcohol use of her son-in-law and grandson. Potential harm might be caused if they both are not in a controllable state. Lastly, Greta has suffered a fall, and her condition is deteriorating. She also has dementia and had suffered a stroke earlier. The poor health condition reduces her ability to resist abuse. Responsibility of nurse The responsibilities of the nurse as a healthcare professional providing individualistic care to Greta is pivotal to be discussed. The nurse needs to contribute in aiding the patient by providing care centred on social, emotional, physical and mental welfare. A healthful environment is to be created for Greta. She needs to be assisted with the basic activities of independence. Emotional support and encouragement are to be given in the form of companionship and counselling. It is crucial in this regard that an ethical nursing practice is carried out by considering non-maleficence, beneficence and respect for the autonomy of the patient. The nurse has to put the focus of the comprehensive care approach on human dignity, the relationship between nurse and patient and collaborative care (Eliopoulos 2013). According to the code of conduct for nurses, they are to practice in safe and competent manner. They are to respect the dignity of the patients. In addition, they need to promote the pr ivilege and trust embedded in the relationship between the patient and the nurse (nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au 2017). As per the code of ethics for nurses, they are to respect others and value quality of nursing care. They also need to value a socially sustainable environment that can promote well-being and health of an individual (waubrafoundation.org.au 2015). Conclusion The presented case study demonstrates the impact of social determinants of health on health outcomes of an elderly patient. By studying the key points of the case, a deep-insight is gained pertaining to why determinants of health are to be addressed for achieving better patient outcomes. It is the responsibility of the nurse to deliver a comprehensive, competent and ethical care to the patient. It can be expected that addressing the health determinants the patient would be provided with the required care and support. References Arik, G., Varan, H.D., Yavuz, B.B., Karabulut, E., Kara, O., Kilic, M.K., Kizilarslanoglu, M.C., Sumer, F., Kuyumcu, M.E., Yesil, Y. and Halil, M., 2015. Validation of Katz index of independence in activities of daily living in Turkish older adults.Archives of gerontology and geriatrics,61(3), pp.344-350. Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia. (2015).waubrafoundation.org.au. Retrieved 14 June 2017, from https://waubrafoundation.org.au/resources/code-ethics-for-nurses-australia/ Dunlay, S.M., Manemann, S.M., Chamberlain, A.M., Cheville, A.L., Jiang, R., Weston, S.A. and Roger, V.L., 2015. Activities of daily living and outcomes in heart failure.Circulation: Heart Failure, pp.CIRCHEARTFAILURE-114. Eliopoulos, C., 2013.Gerontological nursing. Lippincott Williams Wilkins. Lachs, M.S. and Pillemer, K.A., 2015. Elder abuse.New England Journal of Medicine,373(20), pp.1947-1956. Lilley, L.L., Collins, S.R. and Snyder, J.S., 2014.Pharmacology and the nursing process. 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Simning, A., Seplaki, C.L. and Conwell, Y., 2016. Variation by Social Support in the Risk for Depression Following a Heart Attack or Stroke: Preliminary Findings From the National Health and Aging Trends Study.The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,24(3), p.S103. Tabloski, P.A., 2013.Gerontological nursing. Pearson Higher Ed.